Gardening Tips & Information

For more information on urban farming visit the websites of these local organizations:

Seattle Tilth
Seattle Tilth offers classes on urban gardening, composing, beekeeping & livestock, as well as food preservation. They also hold semi-annual plant sales and have many volunteer opportunities for the community.
Garden Hotline
The Garden Hotline is a free service managed by Seattle Tilth that allows gardeners to call or email their questions to be answered by professional gardeners and horticulturalists.
WSU Master Gardener
WSU Master Gardener offers a list of frequently asked questions regarding gardening in Western Washington
Puget Sound Beekeepers Association
The Puget Sound Beekeepers Association holds monthly meetings to educate beekeepers and discuss issues surrounding the art of beekeeping. There is time dedicated to beginners at the start of each meeting.
Goat Justice League
The Goat Justice League is an excellent resource for all information regarding the care of urban goats.

Seattle Regulations & Gardening Information

For specific information on Seattle's regulations regarding urban gardens & livestock and for other services and information offered by the city, visit these links:

Soil Testing Resources

King County Soil Testing Information

WSU Extension Soil Testing Information

Seattle Area Nurseries & Supply Stores

Seattle has many options for seeds, soils, and other garden supplies including these local retail stores:

City Peoples
Locations on Sandpoint Way (mercantile) & E. Madison St. (garden store)
Located in the Crown Hill neighborhood. Plants, seeds, soils, supplies & classes.
Sky Nursery
Located in Shoreline. Plants, seeds, soils & supplies.
West Seattle Nursery
Located in West Seattle. Plants, soils, supplies & classes.
Pacific Topsoils
Locations in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Issaquah, Kenmore & Redmond. Landscape construction materials including topsoil, bark, & mulch by the cubic yard.
Portage Bay Grange
Located in Seattle. Livestock feed, animals, garden supplies & more.
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