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Supplemental Vocabulary
Frequently Used ASL Idioms and Expressions

Note:  Most of these signs are just regular vocabulary signs in ASL.
However, many people for many years have called them "idioms" and "expressions" (probably because the English translations often appear as an expression).  None-the-less, these are fun signs use and well worth knowing.

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Idioms & Expressions Sentence Translations #1 - 13

1. DO-DO-DO               Can mean "what are you doing?" or you are in an awkward situation and wondering how to get out of it.


2. TOUCH+FINISH      "Have you been to ...?" or "I have already been to..."


3. VOMIT! "                   I really hate that" or "I can't stand that" or "That is repulsive"


4. FUNNY^NONE        "That's not funny" or "This is nothing to laugh at


5. FEEL+DEFLATED    Used to indicate a feeling "flat" or "very small" when you have made a blunder or something you thought was correct turns out to be wrong.


6. OUT-OF-SIGHT         This idiom usually is used for something that is fantastic or for an individual who is superior to others.


7. O-I-C                          "Oh, I see"


8. THINK+DISAPPEAR The thought slipped my mind


9. ON-THE-FENCE        Similar to the English idiom.


10. SQUARE-MIND       Blockhead, nitwit.


11. MIND^FROZEN       Shocked, can't think


12. FALL-IN-LOVE        Fall head or heels in love with


13. TRAIN-GONE          Missed out on


14. BLOW-ONE' TOP   Similar to the English idiom


15. WHAT'S-UP              "What's up?" "What's happening" "How are you?" Use this sign when you are with friends not new people.


16. FINE!-wiggle              Used as a reaction to some humorous human error or joke or as a response to a clever or witty remark.


17. MIND+LIMIT            I can't think or take-in anymore just now, or my brain is tired and full


18. I-I-I                            Egotistic, think only of yourself.


20. STINK                       Perform badly


21. SWALLOW-PRIDE  I felt like a fool, gulp! oops!


22. TURTLE-NECK        Humiliated, embarrassed


23. POINT-BREAK-THROUGH  Get your point across, get it into your thick skull


24. BULLDOZE, REJECT Discriminate, outcast, lay-off


25. IN/OUT EARS/EYES  Not paying attention, daydreaming, no comprehension


26. YAK-AROUND        People are talking about it all over, It was all over town7.


27. ONE-UP-ON             Gotcha! take that!


28. BLOW-UP-IN-FACE  Back fire


29. GOBBLE-UP             Consume time, gas, money


30. GRAB-EYES             Fascinating, interesting


31. QUESTION-ON-BRAIN  Puzzled, confused


32. BIG-HEAD                Egotistical, swell-headed


33. FINE!                         Repulsive, Unthinkable


34. COW-IT (1) & (2)  (1) I'm not crazy about that; (2) very slow, taking forever


35. LEGS-IN-AIR           Suddenly stricken ill, or hurt, laid-up


36. BURNING-INSIDE   Feeling upset or angry; stewing


37. PAST-HEAD             I don't get it; over my head


38. MIND-BLANK         Completely forgot about that, can't think of it now


39. NOTHING                 No problem, means nothing to me


40. HUNGRY++              Passionate, horny