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Accounting 202 Files

1. Syllabus for ACCT 202 Winter 2013

2. Review/Preview Problem (Also see this link); Also see Cash Flow Recipe for Indirect Method

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7. Notes for the Michael O'Neill

Chapter 10 Notes
Lecture on Property, Plant and Equipment 1-7-13
Lecture on Depreciation Concepts and Methods 1-8-13
Depreciation Demo--3 Methods
...Pencast--SL Depreciation (Notebook p.1)
...Pencast--DDB Depreciation (Notebook p.2)--Note Error: in first year, Book Value = 10,000-5000, not 10,000-500.
Lecture: Capital Expenditure vs. Expense 1-9-13
Lecture: Partial Year Depreciation and Asset Disposals 1-10-13
Lecture: Asset Disposals --Journal Entries 1-14-13
Lecture: Intangible Assets, Natural Resources 1-15-13
Lecture: Current Liabilities, Notes Payable 1-16-13
Lecture on Two Payroll Entries 1-17-13
Gains and Losses
MACRS Depreciation
Goodwill Handout--where does it come from?
Chapter 11 Notes
Notes Payable
Publication 15 Circular E (See IRS Site)
...Pencast--Federal Withholding
A Basic Payroll Problem
Lecture: Notes from 1-24-12 Odds and Ends for Chapter 11
Partnerships--Chapter 12 Notes
Partnership Transactions--UngMad
UngMad Solution
Membership Changes in Partnership
ACCT 202 Exam 1 Preview
Partnership Qs
Chapter 13 Corporations
Notes for 2-5-13 Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporations
Notes for 2-6-13 Issuance of Common and Preferred Stock
Notes for 2-7-13 Authorized, Issued and Outstanding; Exchange of Non-Cash Items
Basic Corporation Problem
Notes for 2-13-13 Cash and Stock Dividends
Notes for 2-21-13 Three Dates for Dividends
Notes for Earnings Per Share (EPS) 3-4-13
Notes for 2-25-13 Authorized, Issued, Outstanding, with Treasury Stock
Notes for 2-27-13 on Treasury Stock and Retained Earnings
....Pencast--Stockholders' Equity
....Pencast--Dividends Per Share
....Pencast--Stock Dividend
....Pencast--Earnings Per Share
Cash and Stock Dividends--Examples
Link to MSN Moneycentral
Treasury Stock
Notes for 1-28-13 Quick Ratio and Introduction to Future Value & Present Value
Chapter 14 Notes
Notes for 1-29-13 Present Value of Lump Sum, Present Value of Annuity, PV tables
Notes for 1-30-13 Present Value of an Annuity/Installment Loan
Notes for 1-31-13 Installment Loan Journal Entries, and Altering Approach for Multiple Payments Per Year
Notes for 2-4-13 Bond Vocabulary, Present Value of a Bond
Notes for 2-5-13--a Thirty Year Mortgage at 6%--How much interest do you pay???
Present Value Concepts
Present Value and Future Value
Present Value Table
....Pencast--Creating a Present Value Table
....Pencast--Creating a Loan Amortization Table (note slight error on loan pmt calculation)
Three Bonds
PV of a Bond
....Pencast--Financing Options
....Pencast--Present Value of a Bond
....Pencast--Issuance of a Bond at a Discount
Cash Flow Lecture Material
Cash Flow Recipe--Indirect Method
....Pencast--Cash Flow Statement Using Indirect Method
Notes for 3-6-13 on Cash Flow
Notes for 3-7-13 on Cash Flow, Continued
Cash Flow Problems
Cash Flow Problems--Answers to Exercise II
Other Cash Flow Info
Final Exam Preview Fall 2012
Suggested Answer to Stockholders' Equity Problem on Final Exam Preview

8. Recommendation Form