Support Pages for Accounting--Warren, Reeve, Duchac Text, 24th Edition

Accounting 201 Files

1. Syllabus for ACCT 201 Spring 2013

2. First Lecture--a Definition of Accounting

3. A List of Assets and Liabilities

4. CengageNow Login

6. Cengage Phone/Whiteboard Support

7. Notes for the Michael O'Neill

Chapter 1 Notes
Lecture: Assets, Liabilities and Owner's Equity 1-7-13
Exercise--Describe Each Transaction, create IS, OE, BS
Lecture: Five transactions, IS, and BS 1-8-13
Lecture: Owner's Equity Transactions 1-9-13
Lecture: Transactions, Income Stmt, Balance Sheet 1-10-13
Chapter 2 Notes
T-Accounts and Trial Balance 1-15-13
Lecture 1-16-13 Corti Handout, Account Numbering, Accounting Cycle
Lecture 1-17-13 Beaumont Handout, Journal Entries Example
Lecture 1-22-13 Formal Posting Procedure
Chapter 3 Notes
Lecture 1-23-13 Assets Get Used Up--Intro to Adjustments
Lecture 1-28-13 Interest and Wage/Salary Adjustment
Lecture 1-29-13 Revenue Adjustments
T-Accounts for Adjustments
Adjustment Examples
Adjustments: In-Class Quiz
Sample Exam 1--Insert in Word or Google Doc and Share
Chapter 4 Notes
Lecture 2-5-13 Classified Balance Sheet
Lecture 2-7-13 Closing Entries--4 steps
Chapter 6 Notes
Lecture 2-6-13 Inventory Turnover
Inventory Turnover
Link to MSN Money
Lecture 3-4-13 FIFO/LIFO/Average Cost
Chapter 7 Notes--Inventory/FIFO/LIFO/Average Cost
Lecture 2-27-13 Periodic Inventory System--Johnny
Periodic Inventory Example
Chapter 8 Internal Control Concepts
Internal Control "War Stories"
Basic Outline of Internal Control Objectives and Procedures
Final Exam Preview