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John Moffat
Science and Math Division
SAM 321
Phone 516-3125
Seattle Central Community College




BIOL 107

BIOL 241 Summer 2013





BIOL 242  



BIOL 128 


BIOL 100

BIOL 101


Educational Background / Experience

I used to be an Athletic Trainer for 10 years. I have a B.A from S.M.U in Dallas, TX and a  B.S (Zoology) and M.S (Biology/Zoology) both from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA.



I am currently studying the relationship between the hormone corticosterone and changes in morphology (body mass and fat levels) as a result of increased energy demands during migration in White Crowned Sparrows (WCS), Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii.  Specifically examining what changes occur in corticosterone levels, how much body fat and mass is lost due to the duration of flight and how much is added during the first 72 hrs of recovery after flight due to the increased energy demands experienced by White Crowned Sparrows as the migrate.