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Mastodon in Missouri!!  This small but excellent museum is located near the town of Festus
(no, I don't make this stuff up) south of St. Louis.  This is a crucial anthropological and
geological site, one of the few sites in North America where there is actual physical evidence
of predation on these bad boys by Native Americans (a spear point lodged in a mastodon bone).
One theory is that mastodons were driven to extinction by overhunting.

Damage to a fourth floor classroom by the February 2001 Nisqually earthquake. More stuff about this quake
can be found on this home page (see links above).

Students in "6 Billion and Counting", our integrated course that puts
Environmental Science 105 and Math 107 together, measuring the
size of a 700 year old Douglas Fir tree in the Dalles campground,
just west of Mt. Rainier.  Students analyze environmental data using
math, and collect much of their own data in the field and lab.