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CSC 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming

Visual Basic

Syllabus for CSC 110 Summer 2007

Meeting times:

MTWTh 9:40 - 11:10 am in BE 3168



François Lepeintre

(206) 587-5438


"Programming in Visual Basic .NET" by Julia Case Bradley and Anita C. Millspaugh. McGraw-Hill

Check its web site.


MAT 98 with 2.0 or better and familiarity with Windows XP

Course Objectives:

This course is an introduction to Computer Science. You will learn the general principles of programming: how to design, implement, document and debug a computer program. The computer language that we will be using is Visual Basic .NET.

Course Content:

Here is a (tentative) list of topics that we will cover: computing concepts, the visual basic IDE, variables, types, control structures, Sub and Function procedures, arrays, inheritance, graphics.

Course Format:

We will meet four times a week for an interactive lecture and lab.


2 midterms: 15% each
1 final: 30 %
Homework: 40%
For this scale to apply, you need to achieve an average of 2.0 on your exams alone and on your homework alone. If not, you will receive the lower of the two averages.


There will be 3 exams.Exams will be scheduled about every two weeks.There won't be any makeup exams.


Homework will be assigned every one or two weeks. It will consist of a problem to solve by writing a program.

Though you may discuss how to approach a problem with other students in the class (and I encourage you to do so), your program has to be yours. Never copy down the program of somebody else's and claim it as your own work. This would be an instance of cheating.

Refer to the grading policy available on the class web site for details on how to turn in your homework.
Your homework must be turned in on time. Late assignments are not accepted.


On the resource page, you will find a list of links relevant to the class.

A help page is available. It is a forum where you can seek help or help a fellow student.

There is also a class feedback page. Give me feedback and I will do my best to incorporate your comments in my teaching (note that the feedback can be anonymous).

I also provided the email address of an engineer Rene Siles who works for a computer company. He agreed to answer some specific questions you might have about computer science. However, do not bombard him with questions!

Special Assistance:

If you need course adaptations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please see me during my office hours as soon as possible. I am happy to help you in any way I possibly can.

My contract to you!

If you come to class, do your homework and genuinely try to learn the concepts, I promise you to do my best to make your time as valuable as I can!

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