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CSC 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming

Visual Basic

Helpful links

There are a lot of resources related to programming that are available. Here are a few that you might find useful.

Computing at school:

SCCC computer lab: Find out about the opening hours, the classes that are offered, etc...

Tutor Schedule (in the main computer lab in room 3148)


Computing at home : (Back to top)

To be able to develop and run code using all of the features of .NET, your operating system must be Windows NT 4.0 or later.

Strictly speaking one doesn't need Visual Studio to write VB.NET programs. But of course, it is much more convenient to use Visual Studio .NET. Fortunately for us, Visual Studio .NET is nearly free. You can get a copy of Visual Studio.NET 2003 via the MSDNAA (Microsoft Academic Alliance) for $23.60 + S&H (as of 6/24/07).

The documentation for the .NET Framework is available here (it is also available within Visual Studio): in the column on the left, select .NET development -> .NET Framework SDK

Actually, whenever you have a question about .NET, consult the msdn web site. It is a very extensive resource. (there are code samples, tutorials, etc...).


Books: (Back to top)

Just to get a feel of what is available, just go to any bookstore (e.g. www.amazon.com) and type "VB .NET language and programming" as a key word for the search engine. 

Here are some titles other than our textbook that you might find interesting.

In particular, our text has a web site that you can check out.

"VB .NET How to Program" by Deitel H.M. and Deitel P.J. It has lots of examples (check the web site).


To learn all of the details about the .NET framework, another resource is the list of .NET titles published by Microsoft Press. I particularly recommend "Programming Microsoft Windows with VB .NET" by Charles Petzold (very good but just for Windows forms), "Microsoft .NET" (good coverage of ASP .NET) by Jeff Prosise, "Applied Microsoft .NET framework programming" by Jeffrey Ricthter (if you want to know some of the details of the CLR. But this book uses C#).

A computer scientist!: (Back to top)

Rene Siles who works for sybase in San Francisco has kindly agreed to answer any questions you might have regarding careers in computer science. You can get a direct feel of what it is to work as computer scientist. However, be respectful of his time. Do not bombard him with questions!


And of course if you know of any information relevant to our class, let me know.  I will post all your useful suggestions.

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