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CSC 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming

Visual Basic

Sample programs shown in class

To download the programs, right click on the links and select Save Link As... (netscape) or Save Target As... (explorer).

Visual Basic IDE (Back to top)

A first application: WelcomeToVB

A very simple word processor (don't forget to get the image as well). Before running the application, you will have to enter the file path for the image in the Picture property (open the form in design mode).

Doing arithmetic (Back to top)

Converting a number of minutes to hours and minutes.

Variable scope (Back to top)

Illustrating the concept of variable scope: A simple ATM program

Conditionals (Back to top)

Using conditionals

Procedures (Back to top)

Using Functions: checking if a year is a leap year

Using Subs: Changing the display of a label

Classes(Back to top)

Writing and using a class: Student.vb, Register.vb