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Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists

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The calendar is updated as we move through the quarter (Don't trust what is written beyond the current week).




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June 27

Welcome: what to expect in this class?

Java objects: what is an object?


 June 28

Lab 1: The Eclipse IDE, writing a Java program

Person, PersonTest

June 29

Java objects: writing a class - a first example

June 30

Java objects: writing a class - a first example


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July 4

No class: Independence day

July 5

Graphics, constants (Color class), static final keywords


Written exercises #1 due (see homework page)

July 6

Instance Methods: defining a method, calling a method, control flow

Lab2: Class design: using methods.

HouseScene.java, House.java

July 7

FaceScene.java, SmilingFace.java

BirdHouse, BirdHouseDisplay

Written exercises #2 due (see homework page)

Quiz 1


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July 11

Using the static keyword:
example 1: A, Tester

example 2: SomeClass, SomeClassTest

July 12

Object based programming: a class design example,output in java, a first view of conditionals

LibraryMember, Book, LibraryMemberTest

Programming project #1 due

Hw1 help: OceanScene, Fish

July 13

Lab3: Using several classes, the Eclipse debugger

July 14


FunnyPicture, SmilingFace, PineTree


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July 18

Instance methods: local variables, this keyword

Stopwatch, StopwatchTest

Quiz 2

July 19

Primitives types: doing arithmetic, casting, Math class


Lab4: Arithmetic

Programming project #2 due

Hw2 help: OceanScene, Fish

July 20

References and primitives, Conditionals

Parameter practice, (Hogwarts), ReferenceVsPrimitive

Lab 5: Call by value, conditionals

Written exercises #3 due (see homework page)

July 21

Conditionals, standard I/0

Exam1 class question , Hw3Help



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July 25

switch, == and equals

Conditionals, DoubleEqualAndEquals

July 26

Exam 1

sample1, sample2

July 27



Written exercises #4 due (see homework page)

July 28

MandelbrotSet, MandelbrotWithIterations, Mandelbrot (with zoom functionality)

Programming project #3 due


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August 1

Lab 6: Iterations, ArrayList

August 2


GraphicsElements, ViewWindow

Lab 7: 1D arrays, mouse events

Quiz 3

August 3

1D arrays

Exam 2 loop question

Written exercises #5 due (see homework page)

August 4

1D arrays



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August 8

2D arrays

Lab 8: 2D arrays, designing several classes

2D array example: sudoku grid

August 9

Methods revisited

Hw4 help: GraphicsElements

Programming project #4 due

August 10

Exam 2

sample exam

Written exercises #6 due (see homework page)

August 11


Lab 9: Overloading, inheritance

Person, Student, PersonStudentTest


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August 15

Abstract classes

Lab10: ArrayList, animation


Critter, Bovine, Cow, Buffalo, Poodle, TestCritter, Trainable

Written exercises #7 due (see homework page)

Quiz 4

August 16



Written exercises #8 due (see homework page)

Written Hw # 8 solution

Hw5 help: FlipVerticalFilter, SnapShopConfiguration, GaussianFilter

Programming project #5 due

Thursday, August 18

Exam 3: 8:00-10:00 am

Happy Break to All !!!