Fred Goglia RRT

Respiratory Care Program








I am an instructor in the Respiratory Care Program (RCP) at SCCC. I received my undergraduate degree in Respiratory Care from the University of Missouri, and I am currently working on my masters in educational technology at University of Washington. My main academic interest is in technology and its use in both the classroom and out. I have been an instructor at SCCC since the fall of 2002. I enjoy working with my students first and foremost because of the impact a new career has on the lives of those in my program. I relish in the transition a learner makes in the RCP from a new learner to a competent professional. In the program I teach first year fundamentals classes and pharmacology, I also teach courses in the second year such as advanced mechanical ventilation and pulmonary rehab and home care. My personal interests include mountain biking, brewing my own beer and reading fiction. I am an outdoor enthusiast and have spent much of my free time in the outdoors.

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