Infinitives                                                                  Name: ________________
Exercises 1-4                                                            Date: _________________

Directions:  Read this exchange of letters in an advice column.  Use the clues to complete the letters.  Choose the correct tense of the first verb and use the infinitive form of the second verb.

Dear Gabby,

    I've know John for two years.  Last month after a lot of discussion, we 1.  (decide/get) _________________________ married.  Since then our relationship has been a nightmare.  John criticizes me for every little thing, and we are constantly fighting.  I  2. want/see) _______________________ a marriage counselor, but John 3. (refuse/go) ____________________________ with me.  Last night he even 4. (threaten/end) ____________________________ the relationship if I mention the idea of counseling again.
    I don't understand what's going on.  We used to get along great.  I still love John, but I 5. (hesitate/take) ___________________________________ the next step.
    What should I do?

One Step out the Door

Dear One Step Out the Door,

    I've heard your story many times before.  You're right to be concerned.  John 6. (seem/be) ________________________________________ afraid of getting married.  As soon as you got engaged, he 7. (attempt/create) ________________________________ distance by fighting with you.  I agree that counseling is a good idea if the two of you really 8, (intend/stay) _________________________ together.  Maybe each of you 9. (need/speak) ________________________________________ to a counselor separately before going to one together.  It's possible that John 10.  (agree/go) __________________________ alone to discuss some of his fears.


Exercise 2
Directions:  Read some conversations that take place between men and women in relationships.  Complete the summary statements.

  1. SHE:   I really think you should see a therapist.
    HE:    I'm not going to.

    She urged _______________________________________________.
    He refused ______________________________________________.
  2. HE:    You do the dishes.
    SHE:  No, you do the dishes.

    He didn't want ___________________________________________
    She wanted _____________________________________________
  3. HE:    Don't forget to buy some milk.
    SHE:    OK.  I'll get some on the way home.

    He reminded ______________________________________________
    She agreed _______________________________________________
  4. SHE:  Will you do me a favor?  Could you drive me to my aunt's?
    HE:    OK.

    She asked ________________________________________________
    He agreed ________________________________________________
  5. SHE:  Would you like to have dinner at my place Friday night?
    HE:  Uhm.  I'm not sure.  Uhm.  I guess so.

    She invited _______________________________________________
    He hesitated ______________________________________________
  6. SHE:  Will you give me your answer tomorrow?
    HE:  Yes, I will.  That's a promise.

    She wants _________________________________________________
    He promised _______________________________________________
  7. SHE:  Would you like me to cut your hair?  It's really long.
    HE:  Oh, OK.

    She offered _______________________________________________
    He is going to allow _________________________________________
  8. SHE:  It's 8:00.  I thought you said you'd be home at 7:00.
    HE:  No.  I always get home at 8:00.

    She expected ______________________________________________
    He expected _______________________________________________
  9. HE:  Could you call me before you leave the office?
    SHE:  I was going to, but I forgot.

    He would like ______________________________________________
    She intended _______________________________________________

Exercise 3
Directions:  Read this journal entry.  Find and correct six mistakes in the use of infinitives. 

Friday, October 15

Gabby answered my letter!  She advised we to go to counseling separately.  I don't know if John will agree going, but I'm going to ask him to think about it.  I attempted to introduce the topic last night, but he pretended to not hear me.  I won't give up, though.  I'm going to try to persuade him to go.  Our relationship deserves to have a chance, and I'm prepared give it one.  But I want John feels the same way.  I'm patient, but I can't afford waiting forever.

Exercise 4
What do you expect from your friends?  Write about yourself.  Use infinitives.

  1. I expect ________________________________________________________
  2. I would like _____________________________________________________
  3. I urge __________________________________________________________
  4. I try to persuade __________________________________________________
  5. _______________________________________________________________