Modals:  Expectations                                               Name:  ________________
Source:  Focus on Grammar Workbook 2nd edition, pages 146-149        Date: ____________________

Exercise 1 Affirmative and Negative Statements with BE SUPPOSED TO

Today when people get married, the groom's family often shares the expenses, and older couples often pay for their won weddings.  However, some people are still traditional.  Read the chart and complete the sentences.

Traditional Division of Wedding Expenses
Responsibilities of the Bride's Family   Responsibilities of the Groom's Family
send invitations   pay for the bride's ring
pay for food   give a rehearsal dinner
supply flowers   finance the honeymoon
pay for the groom's ring    
provide music    
  1. The groom's parents aren't supposed to send the invitations.
  2. The bride's family _________________________________ the invitations.
  3. The bride's parents _________________________________ music.
  4. The groom's family ________________________________ the groom's ring.
  5. The groom's family ________________________________ the bride's ring.
  6. The bride's parents ________________________________ the honeymoon.
  7. The groom's family __________________________________ the honeymoon.
  8. The bride's parents _________________________________ the rehearsal dinner.
  9. The groom's family ______________________________ the flowers.
  10. The bride's family _________________________________ the food.

Exercise 2  Questions and Answers with Be Supposed To

Linda and her new husband are on their honeymoon.  Complete the conversations.  Use the words in the box and be supposed to.  Use short answers when necessary.

arrive call get leave shake
be do land rain tip
  1. Linda:  What time ____________________we ______________________ in Bermuda?
    Frank:  Well, the plane ____________________________________ at 10:30, but it looks like we're going to be late.
  2. Linda:  What time _____________________we __________________________to the hotel?
    Frank:  Check-in time is 12:00.
  3. Linda:  _____________________we ________________________________if we're going to be late?
    Frank:  _________________________________.  We'd better look for a phone as soon as we land.
  4. Frank:  How much _________________________we _____________________________ the person who carries our bags.?
    Linda:  I think its $1.00 a bag. 
  5. Frank:  ___________________the hotel restaurant _______________________ good?
    Linda:  _____________________________________.  The travel agent suggested that we go somewhere else for dinner.
  6. Linda:  What __________________________we_________________________with our keys when we leave the hotel?
    Frank:  We ________________________________ them at the front desk.
  7. Linda:  __________________it ________________________________ today?
    Frank:  _________________________________.  But look at those clouds.  I think we'd better take an umbrella just in case.
  8. Linda:  Can you hand me that bottle of sunblock?
    Frank:  Sure.  _________________ you ___________________________ the bottle before you use it?
    Linda:  I don't know.  What do the instructions say?