Chemistry 121

Spring 2011

Instructor:  Christine Loftus, MS MPH






General Course Information


Syllabus (afternoon section and evening section)


Weekly reading schedule




Upcoming Due Dates and General Announcements


v    HW10 will not be collected; the assignment and answers are both posted below.


v    IÕll hold the following office hours during the week of final exams:

Monday, June 13th:  1 to 5 pm

Tuesday, June 14th: 3 to 5 pm

Wednesday, June 15th: 12 to 1 pm






General HW policies


Homework 1 (answers)


Homework 2 (answers)


Homework 3 (answers)


Homework 4 (answers)


Homework 5 (answers)


Homework 6  (answers)


Homework 7  (answers)


Homework 8  (answers)


Homework 9  (answers)


Homework 10 (assignment and answers both included)



Solutions to weekly quizzes


Quiz 1 


Quiz 2


Quiz 3


Quiz 4


Quiz 5


Quiz 6


Quiz 7


Quiz 8


Quiz 9



For extra practice: Old Quizzes & Exams


Quiz 1 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 2 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 3 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 4 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 5 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 6 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 7 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 8 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 9 (blank copy and answers)


Quiz 10 (blank copy and answers)


Final exam (blank copy and answers); Copy of equations and other given information on final




Additional Study Materials


Extra practice with conversion and word problems


Answers to in-class handout with advanced word problems


Additional practice with writing names/formulas of ions and ionic compounds (for Quiz 4)  (Answers here.)


Extra practice with Lewis dot structures


Extra practice for Quiz 6 (calculations involving moles and chemical reactions)


Answers to in-class handout with calculations involving solution calculations


Extra practice with solution concentrations


Extra practice with dilutions and precipitation reactions


Answers to in-class handout from June 9/10th: Definitions and behavior of acid/base compounds


Answers to in-class handout from June 10th: Quick review of pH, etc (half-sheet)


Extra practice with IMFÕs and polarity (answers included.)





Schedule for the Chemistry Learning Center (CLC), for tutoring support provided by chemistry instructors


States of matter animation, shown in class on May 16/17th  


Sodium chloride dissolving in water, an animation shown in class on May 24/27th  


The structure of DNA, showing the hydrogen bonds between base pairs